Page 10 - YEARBOOK 2020
P. 10

Name: Destinee (Dezzy)

         Subjects: English Language, English Literature & Law

         Enrichment : Music & DoE

         Destination: I will be taking a gap year the serving as a missionary for

         my church before starting an apprenticeship in law.

         Message: I'd like to say thank you... whether I know you or not. I came

         to this college unprepared... it was a new area for me and I wasn't

         sure whether or not I would make it through the 2 years. Then I met

         some amazing people that helped me feel more comfortable and

         because of this I grew as a person. A major lesson I learned whilst

         here was: "If we want to succeed we must first be willing to make

         sacrifices. As those sacrifices will determine who we are, what we will

         be come and how much we succeed." During the pandemic this could

         not be more true... we have all had to make sacrifices during the past

         2 years but I know it has definitely encouraged more people to work

         hard towards their goals to achieve their own personal success.

         Although I complained I will miss college - as I'm sure quiet a few

         people will. Goodbye and take care.
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