Page 3 - YEARBOOK 2020
P. 3

Name: Emaan Ijaz

         Subjects: BTEC Applied Science

         Destination: University

         Message: First of all, I would like to thank all my teachers for helping

         me throughout the 2 years. Thank you helping me in every situation,

         not just assignments. Secondly, to my friends thank you for being such

         supporting friends. My classmates thank you for making me laugh

         every day. My tutors thank you listening to my every problem. I will

         miss my college life. Thank you all the security people. Thank you for

         making my college life as comfortable as possible. Thank you to

         Principal that in your presence I was able to achieve my dream goal.

         When I came here from school I started studying Health and Social

         Care, which was not my dream subject but I worked hard and my

         Tutors and Principal thought that I was capable to do Applied Science

         so I got that course which gave me the roots for my goal which make

         me very grateful to the whole college and I've worked very hard not to

         let them down so that their expectations towards me are always high.

         As a result of that I got my dream subject in University which is

         Biomedical Science at MMU. The memories of my 3 years in college

         will always stay with me wherever I will go. Thank you for everything
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