Page 4 - YEARBOOK 2020
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Name: Abass Itunuoluwa

         Subjects: Accounting, Business & Politics.

         Enrichment : Debate

         Destination: University

         Message: To my teachers, I will like to say a big thank you for

         your amazing support and welcome. Its been an amazing

         journey all round. Thank you for being available and ready to

         help anytime I needed it. Thank you for your hard-work, much

         love from Abass. (Mr Oldroyd, Miss Debora Whalley, Mr Simon

         Christian, Mr Pilkington, Mr Lawrence Ivory, Mr Paul Fenner,

         Miss Emily Dover, Mr Dawson, Miss Alexia Shipley, Mr Andrew

         Howard, and so on). To my A1/A2 Business, Politics, and

         Accounting classmates, you all are amazing. Thank you so

         much to the Careers Team, Student Information, to the

         Principal, Vice Principal and to every single BSFC staff and

         student. Many thanks from Abass. Surely a wonder 2 years

         experience to remember. Cheers to the future!!!!!!!
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